Welcome to our firm’s website. Plan Group Financial is an independent Investment and Tax firm designed to meet your unique needs. We offer service to small businesses and to individuals.

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Investment Planning

Plan Group Financial delivers custom investment plans to individuals or organizations. Your unique needs and desires determine our recommendations. To help us determine your needs, Plan Group Financial follows the Certified Financial Planning Board’s 6-step process of investment planning.

  1. Establish & define the clients-planner relationship 
  2. Gather client data, including goals 
  3. Analyze & evaluate the client’s financial status 
  4. Develop & present investment planning recommendations and/or alternatives 
  5. Implement the investment planning recommendations 
  6. Monitor the investment planning recommendations 

Investment Account Types

  • Traditional IRA 
  • Roth IRA 
  • Tax Free Rollover IRA 
  • Pension Plans 
  • 403-b Plans 
  • 401-K Plans 
  • Individual 
  • Trust 


Securities offered through Saxony Securities, Inc.


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